Vaniqa cream

Vaniqa cream, a prescription medicine used to treat women's excessive facial hair growth, is available from Medicinesbymailbox Pharmacy.

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Vaniqa cream

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Vaniqa cream product information

Vaniqa contains an active ingredient called eflornithine, which blocks the action of a protein in your body that stimulates hair growth. It may be use alongside laser therapy to help with unwanted hair growth. It is only indicated for use for women over 18 years.

This is the only UK licensed non-hormone cream to help treat female facial hair.

How to use

You should use Vaniqa according to the directions from your doctor or pharmacist.

In general, Vaniqa is applied twice daily on the areas with increased hair growth, at least 8 hours apart. Rub it in until no residual can be seen.

If you have just use other hair removal method on your skin, you should wait for at least 5 minutes before applying Vaniqa cream as it may sting on cut or irritated skin.

Wash your hands after applying the cream.

Wait at least 5 minutes before applying makeup or sunscreen.

It may take 8 weeks for Vaniqa to work. If you do not see an improvement after 4 months, Vaniqa cream should be stopped. You should also use it continuously as the original hair growth might return around 8 weeks if you stop using it.

Side effects of Vaniqa cream

Like all medicines, Vaniqa can cause some side effects, although not everyone gets them.

The most common side effect is acne. If you are concerned about this, consult a doctor or pharmacist for advice.

However, if you experience stinging, burning and a rash on the skin, you should stop using Vaniqa and seek medical advice.


If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should NOT use this cream without consulting your doctor.

Excessive growth of hair can also be linked to underlying diseases, such as a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or specific hormone producing tumour. If you experience other signs and symptoms other than this, you should talk to your doctor.

It may also be caused by taking other medicines such as glucocorticoids for allergic diseases, phenytoin for seizures or hormone replacement therapy with male hormones. It is important to also treat the root cause of excessive facial hair growth. If you are unsure, you should check with a doctor.

Patient information leaflet

The 'patient information leaflet' supplied with the medication should be read before use.