Isotrex gel

Isotrex gel, a topical treatment containing a type of retinoid (isotretinoin 0.05%) can be prescribed for acne.

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Isotrex gel

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Isotrex Gel product information

Isotrex Gel is a topical acne treatment with the active ingredient isotretinoin, which is a type of retinoid and is similar to vitamin A. It helps to loosen whiteheads and blackheads so that they come out more easily. It is also anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and irritation of your spots.

How to use

Apply a thin layer on affected areas once or twice daily. Do not use too much gel on sensitive areas of skin such as the neck. Remember to wash hands after use.

If you use other acne treatment with Isotrex, for example benzoyl peroxide, they should be applied on different times of the day. For example, benzoyl peroxide in the morning and Isotrex at night. This is because effectiveness of Isotrex can be reduced.

Treatment duration

It is important that you keep using the gel as it may take at least 6 weeks for an improvement to be seen. Treatament can be used long-term without stopping, although after 6 months, treatment can be stopped if acne clears up. It can be restarted later if required.

Side effects of Isotrex gel

Side effects of Isotrex commonly occurs on the area where you use the gel, although not everyone gets them. It can cause reddening, peeling, slight stinging or irritation of the skin, particularly in the first weeks of treatment. In this case, treatment can be reduced to once a day or every other day for skin to adjust to the medication. If severe burning, peeling or itching of skin occurs, stop using Isotrex immediately and seek immediate medical attention. It may be signs of a serious skin reaction. 

Isotrex can increase skin's sensitivity to the sun. Exposure to sun should be minimised and use of sunscreen of high protection factor is encouraged. Only rare cases skin may be lightened or darkened.


Isotrex should only be used topically. Care should be taken to avoid the gel from getting into your eyes, nose and mouth. It should also not be used on broken skin, for example cuts and grazes.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women should not use Isotrex. You should use a reliable method of contraception while on Isotrex. If you are unsure, you can check with your pharmacist for advice. If you do become pregnant, you should let your doctor know.

Other acne treatments

Isotrex may be used with topical preparations containing antibiotics such as clindamycin (Dalacin T and Duac) or erythromycin (Zineryt). It can also be used with benzoyl peroxide topical medicine (non-prescription).
Isotrex should not be used with other products containing retinoid, such as Differin
Alternative topical retinoid medication such as Differin and other acne treatments are also available from Medicinesbymailbox Pharmacy.

Patient information leaflet – Isotrex Gel

The 'Patient Information Leaflet' supplied with the gel must be read before use.