Epiduo gel

Epiduo gel is a topical treatment for acne containing a 0.1% of a retinoid called Adapalene and 2.5% of a peeling agent called benzoyl peroxide.

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Epiduo gel

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Epiduo product information

Epiduo gel is an acne treatment which combines the active ingredients adapalene and benzoyl peroxide.

Adapalene belongs to a group of medicines know as retinoids, which is similar to vitamin A. Benzoyl peroxide reduces bacteria on the skin surface and peels off the surface skin layers. Together, they help to reduce inflammation caused by acne and may work better than when one single agent is used.

How to use

Apply a thin layer over affected skin areas once daily, preferably in the evenings. Remember to wash your hands after applying Epiduo.

Where different topical treatments are used at the same time, they should be applied at different times of day (for example one in the morning and one at night).

Treatment duration

It is important to use it consistently for at least 8 weeks, even if you feel that it is not working. If there is no improvement after 8 weeks treatment should be changed. Epiduo can be used long term as maintenance or stopped if acne is cleared up after treatment period, then restarted when acne returns.

Side effects of Epiduo

Like all medications, Epiduo can cause some side effects, although it is generally mild and not everyone gets them.

Epiduo commonly makes skin dry and sensitive. This may lead to reddening and scaling. If it is a concern Epiduo should be used less frequently, for example every other day, until your skin has adjusted to the treatment before stepping up to once a day. You may wish to follow up with an oil-free moisturiser after using Epiduo to help with the dryness. 

Epiduo may also cause your skin to be sensitive to the sun, avoiding sun exposure and use of sunscreen with high sun protection factor are recommended. 

If you experience severe burning sensation to the skin, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.


Epiduo is not suitable for childen under 9 years and is available online from Medicinesbymailbox Pharmacy only to over 18s. 

Epiduo should not be used by pregnant women. The gel can be used by women who are breast feeding but it should not be applied on the chest area to avoid exposure to the infant.

It can also stain or bleach clothing so you should avoid it from coming into contact with coloured fabrics.

Only use Epiduo topically on the skin. Avoid it from coming into contact with your eyes, nose and mouth. 

Do not use Epiduo on broken skin, such as cuts or grazes.

Other acne treatments

It is usually preferable to use only one type of topical treatment at the same time. You may wish to try one treatment before trying another one.

Benzoyl peroxide is available over the counter in different strengths. It is also available in combination with antibiotic eg. Duac but can only be obtained through a prescription. Prescription only Differin cream and gel contains only adapalene as the active ingredient. 

Alternatively, antibiotic tablets (lymecycline) for acne are available online through Medicinesbymailbox Pharmacy.

Patient information leaflet

The 'Patient Information Leaflet' supplied with the gel must be read before use.