How It Works!

Online Prescriptions Process

1. Medicinal Survey

Absolute medical survey is conducted to see if you are entitled for treatment.If approved, one can have the chance to list and disburse for a route of healing.

2. Assessment By Doctors

Our doctors will review and deliver a confidential prescription online. In some cases further mails may be necessary for clarification. Failed briefings areviable to refund.

3. Medicines From Registered Pharmacy

Online prescriptions are dispersed and posted and medicines are sent via recorded delivery details. A signature is required when the items gets received.

Entire Process And Its Items Are 100% Real & Lawful

Order Process

Medicinesbymailbox is completely based online. The medicine is distributed and posted from UK pharmacy by recorded delivery venue.

Choose A Condition Or Treatment Required.

For each condition there is an information page. It contains: medical information, information links and treatment outlines. Even the details of side effects are available there.
Medicinesbymailbox doctors are reputed to check survey answers and messages before prescribing any medicines online.

Medical Proceedings

Medicinesbymailbox doctors must be informed of all your side effects and others

Declined Prescriptions

For clinical reason and more doctors also rejects prescriptions. In such situation, email notification is sent eventually dull refund takes place.
Entire details are there at 'My Account'.

Discussion With Doctors

Registered patients can have easy messaging with doctors through 'My
Account'. There are notifications too.
They can also be contacted through phone
Medicinesbymailbox may sometimes direct to see your GP.

Privacy And Safety

Medicinesbymailbox never shares any informative detailed and uses safe web messages. Everything is protected by 128-bit encryption.

Keep Respective GPs Informed

You will have to tell your usual doctor about prescribed medicines.


We value feedback concerning treatments and regarding the Medicinesbymailbox service. It can be sent in the message area too. There is also a linkage for contentment survey in your 'My Account' part.
2 weeks after an order is positioned there is a transcript email with a review of the Medicinesbymailbox service.