About Us

We are:

Medicinesbymailbox is owned by the UK registered company and we only take up knowledgeable GPs working in the NHS. They are also registered with the General Medical Council.Read additional details

Our Service

We issue private prescriptions online after detailed analysis. On your behalf we organize for confidential prescription and sent it to pharmacists that are registered.

We give precise information about ailments and its treatment. Doctors are always accessible to discuss the healing process before, during and after consultations. We also afford follow-ups several issues arising from curative process. With your consent, we keep your GP informed too.

Our Aims

  • To deliver secure and confidential curing online
  • Make sure to deliver genuine prescription
  • Arrange for convenient delivery at your door
  • Reliable information
  • Customers and doctors easy communication
  • Online advice
  • Safe and secured
  • Details for when you need to see your regular doctor

Our Regulation Module

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission. Read further information on Our Mode of Regulation


Medicinesbymailbox follows a protective move towards to prescribing. If we are not confident about the online safety, we will not prescribe it.
We do not prescribe addictive medicines

Consultations Offered

Medicinesbymailbox does not replace GP. It issues prescriptions for ailments like: malaria, traveller's diarrhoea, jet lag and more. There are several other details where we are capable to deliver services. Entire facts get served in an affordable way.

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